Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Dipped in Inspiration #1

Hello dolls 

I'm sorry for the lack of updates last week but now I'm back. You surely noticed that I changed the design of my blog and removed the header. I want to make a better one as soon as I find time for it. I also added a 'tag cloud' to the sidebar which can be used to search blog posts by topics. And last but not least I joined bloglovin. The main reason for that is that google-reader will stop their service at the beginning of July. When their service ends you can only follow my blog through facebook, twitter or bloglovin. It's still some time until July but feel free to follow me on bloglovin right away :3

Today I want to present you a new blog series I named 'Daily Doll Inspiration'. In these posts I will feature content that inspires me. I will show pictures, links of other blogs, videos and so on.

EDIT: I changed the name to Dipped in Inspiration to match it with my blog title!

Lately I'm totally crazy about romantic-cute jewellery. I especially love cameos and things alike.

On etsy I found a cute store selling these bottle cap necklaces. 
I ordered this one: 

In my opinion the designs are very cute and  I also like how you can choose the length of the chain as you want it. I will write a proper review when the necklace arrives. 
You can view the shop here.

For lovers of steam-punk I found this shop. Their items are a bit pricey, however, the designs are gorgeous *-*

All photos belong to the shop owners.

I hope you liked this first edition of Daily Doll Inspiration 
and I hope to see you soon again.

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