Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

New Year´s Resolutions

Hello cuties 

It´s the last day of the year already. For me it was a really good year. At the beginning of the year I got new furniture for my room so I finally feel well in my room. I started with this blog and took part in a Lolita fashion show. I went to Lady Gaga´s concert in Vienna, visited conventions and meet ups and made new friends. I made it into the last year of school and some days ago I managed to get tickets for the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Brussels.
Of course there were also sad days but altogether it was a good year.

So after this sentimental stuff I want to present you some of my New Year's Resolutions. I want to:
  • do a Classic Lolita coord
  • make a Lolita picnic (maybe as a meet up??)
  • manage to get my dream necklace from "cute can kill"

  • do a twin outfit with somebody
  • wear an OTT outfit to the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert
  • buy an OP dress
I also want to get fit and eat healthier again ~

I hope I can fulfill these resolutions. 2013 definitely is going to be a year of change for me. I will do my final exams and hopefully make into university. I want to move to Vienna and live in an apartment with my friends.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that it will be a good one for you.  If you have any resolutions tell me in the comments :)

See you next year,

Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Christmas presents show off

Hello cuties,

Today I will show you some of the presents I got for Christmas. I won´t show you all of them so it won´t get boring^^

My best friend gave me a Korilakkuma ~

Another good friend gave me this cup 

My brother gave me My little Pony toys

Twilight and Trixie <3

And my mum gave me a Kigurumi

I love Korilakkuma <3

I´m sorry that I couldn´t include all the presents I got but this post would have got endless. Maybe I´m a little spoiled xDD 
Thanks to anybody who gave me something :)

See you next time,
Yaya <3

Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012

Crafternoon with Punkangel

Hello cuties 

I know I promised you a post about the lovely presents I got for Christmas this year but before that I have something else to share with you. Today me and Punkangel met up at my flat to do some crafty things. We sewed and made `decoden` stuff while chatting and listening to music. And as a plus we both wore our Mori Kei outfits.

My outfit:


With shoes

Derpy faces hidden xD

We actually had a Crafternoon before but I didn´t blog about it back than as I didn´t really make anything useful xD

What I crafted:

I made this candy bracelet. Here is a short tutorial for you:

Step #1 Sew the candy shape using this tutorial: 

Step #2 Make a chain using whatever thread and pearls you like.

Step #3 Add accessory if you want. You can glue or sew stuff on the candy ~
Then you are finished!

I also decorated a mirror: 

You can easily make this by using glue :3

I hope we can have such a lovely day soon again!
Make sure you also check out Punkangel´s blog for more pics =)

See you soon,

Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

Merry Christmas lovelies ~

Hi cuties,

Actually I wanted to post this yesterday but Christmas Eve got me caught..
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I got so many cute presents I want to show you soon. But for now I will head off to a family dinner. <3

I found this on but i can´t find the source anymore. All credit goes to the owner!

Have a nice time,
Yaya <3 

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

Everyday cuteness

Hello my lovelies,

Here are some ideas on how to add some cuteness to your everyday life. Enjoy ~

#1 Your mobile phone wallpaper.
Many of us check their mobile phone several times a day. If you install a cute wallpaper to the background you will be happy every time you check it.

#2 Your headphones.
Lately I saw this super cute headphones looking like cupcakes in a store. I didn ´t buy them because my old one´s are still working but if they ever break down I want some like this.

#3 Your mug.
As it is winter now many people tend to drink warm drinks. Why not adding some cuteness to your day with a nice mug?

#4 Your lip balm.
Honestly, there are so many cute looking, nice smelling lip balms out there. I especially like the look of those available at claires.

#5 Your bedroom.
There are some many ways to add some cuteness to your room. The most common is to just add some stuffed animals, or buy a kawaii bed sheet. Even if your room is small, like mine , you can always find some decor that will make your room lovely ~

This room is so dreamy <3

See you again,
Yaya <3

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Yaya´s fashion crisis

Hello cuties. How are you?

I´m in a bit of a "fashion crisis" at the moment. Actually I have three problems:

  1. I don´t like my everyday style anymore. I don´t know why but I´m tired of how I dress everyday. I would like to do more J-fashion inspired outfits in future. However I don´t really want to wear Lolita to school because it simply attracts to much attention *sigh*
  2. I´m in love with the more toned down sub-stiles of Lolita lately. I love the look of Classic or Country Lolita but I also do not want to part with the cuteness of Sweet Lolita.
  3. I´m so in love with "mori-girl" lately. This fashion is just so cute and fairy-tale like and all *-* I love all the layers.
For those of you who do not know the mori fashion: "Mori" is Japanese and means forest or wood. People dressing in this style want to look like the would live in a forest. Therefore they use earthy colors, and layers are very important. 

So what will I do to solve these problems? I don´t know yet but maybe I will simply start to collect more elegant pieces and still keep collecting cute stuff. It´s not bad to have two faces when it comes to fashion, is it? 
Whatever will happen I will blog about it. So stay tuned <3

See you next time,
Yaya <3

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

Music box inspiration

Hello cuties 

Today I just want to share some music with you. On youtube I found this channel whose owner converts songs into music box songs. They are so lovely ~

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PonPonPon

Lady Gaga- Yoü and I 

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Candy Candy

There seem to be more of these channels all over youtube. I love the idea and it also reminds me on Christmas a bit  :3

That´s all for today.
See you soon ,

Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

Christmas Inspiration ~

Hello cuties <3

I´m in Christmas mood, so  wanted to share some pictures with you.

I just love beautiful sweets *-*
See you again,
Yaya <3

Freitag, 30. November 2012

How to find off brand Lolita items in local stores

Hello cuties 

I know that quite many (starting) Lolitas have a problem with the pricing for the clothes. It´s an expensive fashion and to afford everything long times of saving up are needed.
However the good thing is you do not have to buy every single piece from brands. Sometimes you can easily find Loli-able items in local stores.
I want this post to be a little guide for those who haven´t much experience in buying Lolita offline.

Step #1
The first thing to do is more a mental step. For being able to shop for Lolita in "normal" stores you should know your style and your wardrobe. If you are a Sweet Lolita you will have to look for other items than a Gothic Lolita and so on. You also need to know witch items are missing in your wardrobe. Do you need socks? Head accessories? Bags?

Step #2 
As a second step you should find out which colors fit your wardrobe best. Whenever yous see an item in this color at a store take a closer look at it.
I, for example, do have mostly pastel colors in my wardrobe. If I see a pastel colored piece of clothing I just take a closer look. Sometimes you will only find stuff you do not need for your Lolita but sometimes you could be lucky ~

Step #3
Know the motives you like in your outfits. Besides the colors you can also buy after motives. Do you like sweet motives like strawberries or cupcakes? Or maybe more classic ones like birds or roses? If you know what you could match your outfits off brand shopping will be more easy.

Step #4
Know witch items you can find off brand. It´s not very likely that you will find a Loli-able dress in such stores very often (but it´s possible sometimes).
Items you find in stores more commonly are:

  • Socks, legwear
  • Jewelry
  • Head accessories
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Boleros, cardigans, jackets

Shopping like this really isn´t hard and it can fill your closet with necessary items. Keep patient and look through the stores from time to time ~

If you have any further questions about this just leave a comment-
See you again next time,

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

November´s LALOAM

Hello cuties 

A little late but still ~ I´m presenting you my Lolita At Least Once A Month of November.
I was a bit sad  because I couldn´t go to the Meet up taking place in Vienna today so I thought I should at least wear my Lolita at home.

I wanted to wear my new wig and my new socks.
That´s how it turned out :

I didn´t wear this dress since July so I was so excited to wear it again ^o^
I´m sorry that there is so much stuff in the background. I´m still looking for a good place to take pics in my room ~

I absolutely love this wig. It´s comfy, thick and long. And  in my opinion it also suits me 

I hope you like my outfit :)

Anyway, there is something else I want to tell you. I joined twitter. If you want to follow me please do so ~

I aslo added a wishlist to my blog. It´s more for myself but if you are curious just check it out!

See you soon,

Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

10 people that inspire me

Hello cuties 

Today I want to write about some people that never fail to inspire me (and my lolita outfits).
Hope you have fun reading this ~

#1 Princess Peachie

I really love Peachie. She is super cute and friendly(she answers all the questions of her fans on her tumblr blog) I love her youtube videos and all her outfits 

#2 Emilia `Pastelbat´

Emilia is truly amazing. She posts pictures of her everyday outfits on her tumblr blog. She never fails to impress me *-* She hardly wears Lolita anymore but she wears many other japanese street styles ~

#3 Mio Pastelraindrops

Mio is more into Fairy Kei and Decora but also wears Lolita sometimes. I also love her for her incredible drawing skills! View her blog here.

#4 Princess Porcelain

Princess Porcelain mostly wears classic (and sometimes gothic Lolita) Looking at her pictures and reading her blog makes me want to be a classic Lolita sometimes. She simply always looks perfect. 

#5 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary isn´t Lolita either but she is my favourite japanese singer of all times. Her music is so cute and her outfits are so imaginative. I hope can see her live someday ~

#6 Rinrin

Rinrin models for Angelic Ptretty. Since I´m following her instagram I really love her :3

#7 Victoria Suzanne
I absolutely adore Victorai and her blog. She is my great blog- idol. Her posts are always interesting and she somehow manages to always use such dreamy pictures that fit the topic she writes about. 

#8 Little Miss Caro-chan

Another blogger I adore. Sadly I couldn´t find any pictures of her. Her blog was the first blog I ever read and reading it helped me when I started out as a Lolita. It will always have a certain place in my heart 

#9 Lady Gaga

Haha ok she has nothing to do with Lolita but I still wanted to mention her  ~
I love Lady Gaga´s music and I like how she always invents herself new. I know that quite many people hate her but for me she is an inspiration.

#10 Shelby

Last but not least I also really love Shelby. I discovered her through youtube but it seems like she is inactive there. I´m following her tumblr blog though ~

These are by far not all people who inspire me. There are so many lovely people that I couldn´t mention in this post. Maybe I will do a second part of this someday.

Who are you (fashion) idols? Tell me in the comments ~

See you soon,
Yaya ~

Montag, 19. November 2012

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream Review ~

Hello cuties 

I recently recieved my fisrt BB cream and thought I will write a review about it ~

What is BB cream?
BB cream stands for blemish balm and is serum, moisturizer, primer and sunblock all in one. You can wear it as tinted moisturizer or wear powder or make up over it.
BB is quite popular in Asia and is also getting more popular in the west lately.

This is what it looks like ~

I didn´t have to buy mine online because a friend from Korea sent it to me. However you can find it here.

I choosed the colour #13 Milky Beige and I have to say the colour is very light. My skin is quite pale and it still feels like it is a little too light for me. The cream contains whitening which will make look your skin a little more pale than it actually is. It also prevents skin aging (maybe not necessary for me yet but who cares XD)  and contains UV protection.

When I add it to my face it first feels a little strange but after a few seconds the feeling is gone and it feels like I do not ware any make- up. I read a review saying that this BB feels cake-y after some hours but that didn´t happen to me so far.

The coverage, to be honest, did dissapoint me a little. It didn´t really hide my pimples. However this could be because the colour is so light.. At least it makes my skin tone nice and smoothed 

The cream also came with a free sample containing snail slime..I´m not 100% sure if I will use this though. The idea of adding snail slime to my skin terrifies me a bit^^
Did anyone of you ever try that?

To conclude, I would recommend to buy this BB cream but I recommend to check witch colour tone will fit your skin best.

If you have further questions please leave a comment ~
See you soon agian,

Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

Package from Gothis Lolita Wigs ~

Hello lovelies 

I just wanted to write a short post about my new wig I got in the mail today.

I ordered the pink Rhapsody wig from gothiclolitawigs. I´m very happy I got it because know the wig is sold out. However they restocked the other colours.

The wig came in a plastic bag. That´s very handy for restoreing it. They also send me a wig cap but actually 
it´s a sock. I think that´s quite funny x)

I absolutely needed this wig after I saw how good it looked on pastelbat. (I totally love this girl, she is one of my idols ) I just hope it looks as good on me as on her :)

The pink to white fade is super beautiful 

The waves are soft and very thick. I tried it on and it really felt like I had cotton candy or something on my head. It´s totally light ~

Moreover the wig is very long. I hope I can show some worn photos to you soon. 
I´m just a little stressed with school at the moment...

All in all I really love this wig and would absolutely recommend it 

See you next time,