Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge - What is in my make up bag?

Hello dolls  

Did spring reach you all? In Austria it's so sunny at the moment *-* The sun makes me a lot happier and active.

On to the topic of this week ~

These are the basic supplies I use for my make-up
From left to right:

eyeliner pen carbon by b.pretty
white eyeliner by LOOK
liquid eyeliner a friend gave me 
mascara by colosé 
silky smooth compact powder by IQ cosmetics
defining blush by catrice (I love catrice products lately)
m.perfect cover b.b cream by MISSHA
stay natural concealer by essence

I also use various kinds of eyeshadow.
I'm honestly not a pro when it comes to make up. Normally I just watch some youtube videos on make up styles and try to copy that xD 
Since I started with Lolita  I learned a lot about make up and I hope I can make further improvement :)

See you soon,

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