Samstag, 27. April 2013

Anklets, seashells and lighthouses - Love for maritime styles

Ahoi dolls 

It's super warm outside lately and the hot weather is a perfect chance to do beach, sea and sailor inspired outfits.

source                                                                                                                 source
For Lolitas maritime elements are best coordinated in Sailor Lolita. Common colours are white, black, navy and red. For more info on Sailor Lolita check out this

For 50s and vintage lovers something like this would be possible. 

If you like kawaii fashion but don't want to go for a Sailor Lolita outfit there are lots of cute Gyaru dresses available. What makes this dress marine like is mostly the collar and the stripes at the hem. 

Some general tips for doing an marine inspired outfit:
wear something striped
wear black, navy, white or red
nice maritime motives are anklets, seashells or lighthouses
be creative and have fun 

I found this cute idea for Sailor nails online. Aren't they adorable?

I'm also a fan of cute sailor hats but if one thinks that they are not appropriate for a daily outfit a headband can also give a nice touch to an maritime inspired outfit. 

What I also wanted to state (and what actually brought me to the idea for this post) is maritime inspired interior. 

Things like this ~

Or this ~

And things alike ~
One can find many cute marine interior in furniture shops or online.

Anybody of you who is in love with marine and sailor themed things?
Tell me in the comments!

See you again,

Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

A Lolita's sister - A guide to Otome Kei

Hello dolls 

Lately, I'm interested in Otome kei. In this post I will try to create a little guide for you.

Otome kei is a Japanese street fashion that is quite hard to define. It's feminine and cute and mostly similar to Lolita with the difference that the skirt isn't that poofy.

This is one of my favourite Otome outfit pics. The outfits are sooo cute 

What's the difference between Otome and Lolita?

On tumblr, I found this graphic that sums it all up. The credit goes to the owner!

What's the difference between Otome and Casual Lolita?

Actually, there isn't much difference. Many Casual Lolita outfits can be rated as Otome and many Otome outfits as Casual Lolita. 
If it isn't sure if an outfit is Otome or Casual Lolita I would keep an eye on which brands are worn and if there is this certain "Otome feeling" to it.

This, for example, are cute Casual Lolita outfits but I wouldn't rate them as Otome. 

This, on the other hand, could be either Otome or Casual Lolita. 
As I said, it's hard to define what Otome kei really is. Sometimes you have to rely on your own idea about it ~

What's the difference between Otome and Gyaru?

I'm honestly not a pro when it comes to Gyaru but I believe Gyaru dresses and skirts can be shorter and the Otome hair and make up isn't that excessive.

What's the difference between Otome and Mori kei?

I would say the colours and the dress/skirt length. The used materials are also different.

Where to buy Otome clothes?

Emily Temple Cute and Axes Femme are only two examples of many Otome brands. 
Please check out this for more info :3

Hair for an Otome outfit?

For Otome you hair doesn't have to be super styled. Wear it open, buns, braids, anything you like!

Otome make-up?

Make-up doesn't have to be overdone. Keep it natural and cute.

Anything else?

While browsing Otome pictures I noticed a few items that are used often:

berets and hats
cookie patterns (as prints on dresses or cookie shaped bags ~)
patterned tights (also, it's ok to wear no leg-wear at all in an Otome outfit)
trousers, especially dungarees, are common with Otome kei.

What is your opinion on Otome kei?
Let's discuss in the comments!


Samstag, 20. April 2013

I will love you till the end of time ~♪

Hello dolls 

Yesterday, I went to Vienna to see Lana del Rey live.

This was my outfit. No Lolita this time. My hair was Hime inspired.

While waiting in the queue I got photographed by a man. He said to his friend that my outfit reminded him on a Japanese school outfit. It's cool that people associate my outfits with Japan ^^ 

On the concert, my camera gave up so I have no photos to share T.T 

Here are a few I found online:

Lana's voice is beautiful and so is she! 
The concert was a bit short but I enjoyed it  :3

Do you like Lana del Rey's music?
Tell me in the comments!


Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Bottle Cap Necklace Review

Hello dolls 

Today I just want to present you a short review.
I ordered a necklace from IngridsCreations on etsy.

That is what I ordered. Sadly I can't show you a photo taken by myself because my hands are too shaky and my camera too bad to photograph small details T.T
But it really looks like in the picture :)

Communication: There isn't much communication needed when ordering through etsy so I will leave that out.

Shipping: Shipping was fast and the necklace arrived in a super cute packaging. 

Quality: The quality is nice without any flaws. You can choose the style and length of the chain, that is a plus ;) 

Would I buy it again? Yes, because the design is just too adorable to resist.

Did you order anything lately? Let's chat about it in the comments!
See you,

Montag, 8. April 2013

Dipped in Inspiration #2

Hello dolls 

Lately, I love to check out for small tutorials and DIY ideas.
Here are my favourites so far.

This is a very easy way to create cute bookmarks. If you don't want to use fabric you could also use clay for the ribbons. 

(Make sure you use colours like nail polish that can be removed in case you ever want to move and need to give your keys back)

A very cute way to personalise your keyboard. The used tape is called "Washi tape" which is very popular in Japan.

I love this idea for creating lovely cookies :3

None of these tutorials belong to me. The credit goes to the owners!

Do you like tutorials? Share your favourites in the comments!
See you,

Freitag, 5. April 2013

10 Lolita Meet up Ideas

Hello dolls 

Today I want to present you some ideas on what activities would fit for Lolita Meet-ups. Some of them need to be organised before and some can be hold pretty quick :3

#1 Go to the museum
This is what we generally do on bigger Meet-ups here in Austria  There are always some exhibitions that fit in the Lolita aesthetic.

#2 Go to an observatory
A perfect chance to do a star or planet themed coord.

#3 Sail on a steam boat.
Perfect for a Sailor Lolita coord ^^

#4 Hold a picnic
Bring a nice picnic blanket to sit on and swap food with your friends.

#5 Get on a steam train
..and enjoy a old-fashioned train ride.

#6 Hold a Tea Party
Every Lolita loves them. The problem with these is that you need to find a place where it can be hold :/

#7 Go ice-skating
perfect for a Meet in winter.

#8 Visit a botanic garden
All the flowers wills surely get you some lovely photos.

#9 Go to a fun fair (or to the circus^^)
Perfect for a carnival themed coord

#10 Visit a gallery
(I admit, this is similar to the museum)

Do you have any other Meet up ideas? Tell me in the comments!
Have a nice day,

Dienstag, 2. April 2013

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Tint Review

Hello dolls 

As an Easter present my mum gave me the Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Tint.

The bottle is so cute :3
I ordered it here. I picked the colour 'Cherry pink'.

I have already tried it out and I really liked it so far. It`s quite opaque, and good for blending. What I love most about it is that it stays on your lips even if you drink or eat something. You don't have to apply it again and again all the time :3

I especially wanted this product for trying the 'gradient lips' that are popular at the moment. 

I love the look. It is very doll like.
I tried the style and actually thought it's not so easy to do (As stated before that I'm not so good with make-up^^) but after a few tries I managed to obtain the look.

Normally I don't mind my lips too much but with this style I just love how they look *-*
I'm totally satisfied and would buy the lip tint again!

See you soon,