Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

7 Lolita Meet-up Necessities

Long time since I made a list for you, right? Today I have one for the newbies in your rows.
You are planning to attend your first Lolita Meet-up but you don't have a clue on what you should bring with you? Here is my list of things I found useful to carry to a Meet.

#1 Lash Glue
My fake lashes always come off after a few hours so I always take my lash glue with me to stick them on again. For this a pocket mirror also comes in handy.

#2 Hairbrush
Nothing more annoying than noticing that your hair/wig was messy after a photoshoot. Take a brush with you and care for your hair before taking pics.

#3 Refreshing Spray
This is useful for Meet-ups in summer. Spray them on your body and feel refreshed. They mostly come with good scents too.

#4 Something to drink
Talking with the others is more fun when your tongue isn't dry ;)

#5 Tissue
Tissues are always handy whether you need it to rub some dirt off your shoes or to to care for your running nose. 

#6 Make-up bag
With some basic make-up supplies to refresh your look when needed.

#7 Parasol/Umbrella
Ok that one is rather optional. I love to take a parasol to Meets as they protect from strong sunlight, rain and snow. Moreover they are a great compliment to most Lolita outfits. 

I always try to keep my bag for Meet-ups as light as possible as I have to carry it around all day ~

What are your Lolita Meet-up necessities? Share some in the comments!

See you,