Samstag, 13. Juli 2013


Yesterday, on 12. July I had my birthday. Today I celebrated it with my friends Medoly, Punkangel and Yukii. We held a picnic in a local park.

This was my birthday coord ~ I thought it is time to wear my AP French Cafe again. It's still one of my favourite dresses :3 

hat - selfmade 
blouse - fleemarket find 
wristcuffs - In the Snowfield (etsy) 
JSK - Angelic Pretty
socks -
shoes - an*tai*na

For my birthday I also got a new camera. Can you see the difference in quality? 

Sadly, we didn't have a chance to take a group pic :/ Here are some close ups instead. 

We actually spent the day with eating and chatting and we had a lot of fun. 

 Cups- cutified by me ^^

Me and Punkangel wore same socks :D

Punkangel's muffins and Medoly's cake in the background :3

Sorry for the pic spam.^^ I really enjoyed this day and I hope we can repeat it soon again!

Until then,
Have a nice time,


  1. yay french café:3

    alles gute nachrträglich xD welche kamera hast du bekommen? die macht echt schöne fotos<3 ich will mir auch bald mal eine neue kaufen;-;

    1. danke :D
      sie heißt 'Canon Power Shot G1 X' und sie macht auch tolle V
      ideos :D