Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

MACOnvention 2012

Hello everyone. As promised, here is my post about the convention I visited this weekend. It was a nice weekend. I met a lot new people, spent a lot of my money and had a lot of fun.
Just let me tell you what happend day by day!
(attention: this post is picture havy)


On friday I wore my blue Bodyline dress.

It´s kinda a mixture of Sweet and Country Lolita^^
While looking around at the con I meet two lovely Lolitas, Lisa and Alex.

Aren´t they cute? I forgot to ask Alex if it is ok for her to post her photo on my blog so I have hidden her face. Just to be on the save side^^


 On Satuarday me and Lisa took place in the Lolita fashion show. I wore a OTT Sweet outfit and got quite many compliments for it. That made me really happy!

Me on the stage

And a closer photo of my face

I enjoyed the fashion show very much and wasn´t even nervous when I was on the stage. That surprised me because I´m ususally very shy. I would like to be part of a Lolita fashion show again in the future!


On Sunday I wore my green dress that I bought on the Con on friday. I already had green shoes and a bag but nothing to match it until then.

And here a last photo of all the stuff I bought

I really love my new wand. It´s from the series "DoReMi". I used to watch it all the time when I was a child. The necklace is from an Austrian brand called "Sweet Ticket". I love it. The Sailor Moon manga is the very first edition. I´m so happy with all this stuff ^-^

Well that was my lovely weekend.  Hope you enjoyed my post.
See you soon,
Yaya ~

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