Freitag, 14. September 2012

Lolita Survey ~

Hello everyone ^0^
This time I want to present you a little survey I answered. I found the survey on

I hope this helps you to get to know me a little better as I didn´t write so much personal stuff on here yet. Let´s start ~

1. Nickname and date of birth.
My nickname is Yaya and I´m born on 12.July :3

2.Where were you born? And where do you live now?
I was born and live in Austria.

3. Why did you start wearing Lolita?
It´s hard to say. I liked the look from the time I first saw it and decided to wear it because it makes me happy.
I also think that it fit´s my personality ~

4. Wich Lolita style do you like the most?
I like Sweet and OTT Sweet the most. But I also want to try Country and Sailor some day!

5. Wich Lolita style would you not like to wear?
Maybe Punk Lolita. I just think that it doesn´t fit my personality.

8. Describe your dream Lolita outfit.
A apron styled JSK with a fluffy blouse underneath. The JSK would be pink with a strawberry print on it. I would cordinate it with over the knee socks and plattform shoes ~
Or something like that^^

This is one of my dream dresses. I´m happy that I own it!

7. Do you have piercings or tatoos?
My ears are pierced. Besides that I have none ~

8. What´s your favourite Lolita brand?
Angelic Pretty! I just love their designs. <3

9. What´s your favourite piece in your Lolita closet?
All of them ^^

10. How many Lolita friends do you have?
There are two Lolitas whom I would say are my friends. <3

11. What do you like most about Lolita?
That I feel like a princess when I wear it ~

12. What do you disslike about Lolita?
Whan I can´t decide what I should buy next xDD

13.Which Lolita magazine do you read regularly?
None. I love to read blogs though!

14. Headdress, bonnet or head eating bow.
I like the looks of all three.
Sadly I don´t own a bonnet yet.

15. Do you wear bloomers?
Yes, I think they are cute :3

16. What´s your favourite music.
At the moment I´m very into Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Lady Gaga. I also like Aural Vampire and music from the 80s.

17. What´s your ringtone?
None. I don´t want my phone to make any sound ^^

18. Do you work/ go to school/ study?
I´m in school for my last year now. After that i want to study.

19. Do you attend meet- ups?

20. Which colours do you like most in Lolita?
Pastel colours, red and chocolate brown.

Well that´s it ~ If there is anything you want to know about me that wasn´t in the survey feel free to ask me.

See you again,
Yaya ~


  1. Bin ich bei den Lolita-freundinnen dabei ? XD
    Kann ich die Fragen auch auf meinem Blog beantworten?? ^^
    Hdl <3

    1. Klar bist du da dabei <3
      Und natürlich kannst du's für deinen blog auch nehmen :)