Freitag, 28. September 2012

New Shoes ~

Hello everyone ~
Finally the first part of my an*tai*na order arrived. I´ve ordered three pairs of shoes and two of them were in the package I picked from the post office today ^o^

I ordered pink platform shoes...

...and a pair of blue shoes full of bows.

I love them so much *-*

They also sent me free socks!

The are adorable as well ~♥

A short review about an*tai*na:
♥ the communication with them was super
♥they made the shoes really quick
♥shipping took about three weeks
♥the package was a bit damaged when I got it.
At least there was some plastic wrapped around it so nothing could have fallen out.
♥ As the shoes were custom made they fit me perfectly.
♥ I would totaly buy from an*tai*na again.

Surely you also want to know how they look worn:

♥ Matched them with the new socks ♥

♥ Matched with my blue bodyline socks ♥

Besides the third pair of shoes I´m also waiting for a fairy keiish skirt and a sailor fuku from bodyline. I hope I can show them to you soon ~

EDIT (18.6.13) Wonder why I never reviewed the third pair of shoes? Well, that's because they never arrived. I contacted an*tai*na several times but they do not even reply to my mails anymore.  Even if I like the two pairs I reviewed above, I can't recommend ordering from an*tai*na as their way to deal with this problem is so unprofessional. If you are going to order from them, better think twice. 

See you soon,
Yaya ~♥


  1. Endlich :D
    Schon ne Idee was du zum nächsten Treffen anziehst?^^
    Award für dich:

    1. Ne, ich hab noch keine Ahnung :)
      Omg danke fürs taggen *-* Ich wollt sowas schon immer mal bekommen!