Sonntag, 9. September 2012

The magic of penpals ~

Hello my lovely readers!

I´m very sorry for not posting the last two weeks but I was on holiday and had no internet connection there. But now I´m back and this time I want to write about penpals ~

In my opinion having penpals is a hobby that goes perfectly with the Lolita lifestyle. It kinda gives you a feeling of living in former times when writing letters was almost the only way to communicate with people living far away. Moreover writing letters allows you to be creative. You can buy cute stationary (or design one on your own) and decorate your writings with stickers and stamps.

If you like you could afford a quill and some ink and write with these.

Another aspect I really love about letters is that you can put little presents into the envelope. I penpal of mine for example always sends me tea. She is so lovely <3
Other goods that could be sent are, for example, drawings, photos, small jewelery and so on ~


So were can you find a penpal? I use but there are many sites over the internet where you can find one. If you want a Lolita penpal you could join the egl community lolitaletters or loli_of_letters.

Hello Kitty stamps found on

If you finaly found one it´s time to develope a friendship. In the first letter I usually introduce myself a bit in detail so the other person knows whom she/he is talking to. After that you can chat about nearly everything. You can tell your penpal what you did lately, what you think about this and that topic and all you feel like talking about. Make sure it is interesting for your penpal though. I also recommend you to not let your penpal wait to long for your answer.

I wish you all good luck with finding a penpal and as always the most important thing is that you have fun!

See you soon again,
Yaya ~


  1. Hi, another possible source of penpals is at a new site called Harnu. It's at Helps you connect with people around the world in your native language, with conversations automatically translated.