Montag, 16. September 2013

Clobbaonline order review

Already quite a time ago I received the items I ordered through, a taobao shopping service site.
I ordered brown Tea Party shoes from Secret Shop and a brown Infana blouse.

Communication: The communication with clobba works as follows: You send them the filled out order form that can be found on there page. Fill in the items you want, your measurements and some other stuff ~ You can also choose witch shipping method you want. I chose Airmail, a cheap but a bit slow shipping method. I wasn't in a hurry to receive the items, so slow shipping was no problem for me.

After you send the order form clobba will text you back if the items are still available and will double check you measurements. You can ask questions if you have any and place your payment.
Most taobao items are custom made so now it is time to wait until they are made. Then you receive an email that your order has been shipped and you only have to wait for it to arrive :)

The communication was polite and fast, as I expected, so 5/5

Shipping: As I said I chose Airmail. It took about 2 weeks to arrive and that is perfectly fine 5/5

Now onto the products:

Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes

 I was a bit concerned witch shoe size to get because I ordered Secret Shop shoes before (in size L) and they were too tight on me. I'm an European size 39 but my feet are strangely wide. This time I went for size LL and they fit a lot better :)

The colour is a nice dark brown like I wanted it and I couldn't find any flaws. 5/5

Infanta Lady Embroidery Chiffon Blouse

I ordered it in size L. On clobba's site it says that the brown material isn't stretchy so I was afraid it might be uncomfortable. However it is super comfortable and my favourite blouse now ^^

The sleeves are pretty, however, there were quite a few loose threads :/

I'm also very fond of the detailed collar.  The lace is nice and soft just how we Lolitas like it ^^

The button holes bother me a bit. Everytime I put the button through it feels like I could rip them apart or something :/ That's the downside of that blouse. 

4/5 because of loose threads and delicate button holes.

To sum up, I'm satisfied with my order and would buy the items again.
I hope this review was useful to you.

See you,


  1. die bluse is hübsch*-* und die TP schuhe sowieso xD liebe diese schuhe. (auch wenn ich meine iwie fast nimmer trag xD)

    1. ja ich mag beides auch voll gerne :D Ich trag TPS' eigentlich am liebsten :)