Sonntag, 1. September 2013

London travel diary - part 6/final part

So here is the last part of my London travel diary witch is devoted to all random things I couldn't fit into the other posts ^^

From our visit at Madam Tussaud's. I actually was a bit disappointed with Madam Tussaud's. Even though they had six floors they hardly had any celebrities I was really interested in ~


This was taken from London Eye. We had luck we got on there right when the sun set :D
It just was a pity that the line to London Eye was super long and due to problems (which were never fully explained to us >.<) we had to wait 1 hour in the queue before we could finally enter it :/
I still enjoyed it though ~

A beautiful artwork we saw at an underpass 

One day we were lucky enough to see a squirrel. It wasn't shy and came pretty near to us. Still it was to fast to take a proper photo of it ;_;

An advertisement near the cinema we went one day :D

On our 4th day we also went to see the change of the guard. 

Some blue trees. I read somewhere that an artist coloured the trees blue to draw peoples attention to them and to show people how important trees are for us. I just hope the colour didn't damage the trees ._. 

And last but not least, me in Chinatown. Chinatown was actually pretty small o.O I think it took us 10 mins to go through it xD 

Well and here my travel diary comes to an end. I hope I didn't bore my lovely readers too much with it xD For me it was great to go through all the adventures once more and write my memories down :)

Next time I want to write about my promised DIY tutorial and I also have an outfit to share with you soon 
See you,

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