Dienstag, 3. September 2013

DIY Drawer Dollhouse

As promised in previous posts I want to share a little DIY project with you. I turned an old drawer into a dollhouse. I found the idea for it in a magazine my mother often buys and immediately wanted to try it myself.

This is the final result:

The tutorial:

You will need:
 old drawer
paint suitable for wood
brushes of various sizes
♥ tape
♥ misc. things for decoration

At the beginning my drawer didn't have plank in the middle. My Stepfather helped me with it. Sadly he did so while I wasn't at home so I don't have any pictures on how it looked before or on how he did this -.-
Nevertheless this plank will us help to create two floors in the dollhouse.

The next step is to give colour to the whole drawer. You can choose any colour you prefer. For me, I chose light pink and white ^^

The pink out of the can was too dark for my taste so I mixed it with white until I had a nice pastel pink.

Colour it - an easy and fun part :D

After some time it should look like this. I left the plank out as I wanted it to be white.

Before using a new colour I masked off the pink parts around the plank with tape. Doing so will prevent stains of the second colour on the colour you used first. 

For the 'walls' of the dollhouse I used scrapbooking paper. 

Cut it into the right size and glue it into the drawer. 

For the upper floor I also wanted to create a window. I used scrapbook materials again :)

With some cardboard paper I created a windowsill and sat a bird on it 
The furniture is a set from the brand 'Sylvanian Families'. It's pretty much dollhouse toys just that the dolls are animals. I had a few when I was a kid and since I saw them in the stores again I wanted to buy a little set. Up to now I just didn't know where to put it ^^

This is the furnished dollhouse without much details.
For the details I mostly used parts of broken jewelry and buttons. It's a good opportunity to use small objects which you don't know how to use otherwise. 

For the mirror I crocheted a round piece and glued a mirror from a broken compact mirror on it.

Then, simply glue it on the wall :)

Here I added a FIMO bow, a part of a broken brooch and an old button shaped like a Teddy Bear :D

And here you can see another three buttons.

And here are the finished floors ♥

The carpet under the piano was also created with scrapbook paper.

Well I hope you liked this tutorial and it was some help to you.
If anybody of you is going to make his own drawer-dollhouse don't forget so send me a picture ♥ I'd love to see it!

See you,
Yaya ♥


  1. Sieht echt niedlich aus :)
    Ist das jetzt mehr oder weniger ein 3D-Bild?^^

    1. danke <3
      ja ich hab's auf die Wand gehängt, da sonst nirgends Platz war xD

  2. das is ja voll süß geworden*-* das piano hast du auch selber gemacht??
    mein opa konnte sowas auch gut basteln. hat auch mal ein puppenhaus für uns gemacht xD

  3. danke :D oh Gott nein, dass Piano ist nicht von mir xD Aber danke, dass du mir das zutraust :'D
    Mein Opa hat mir mal ein Puppenbett gebaut. Yay für unsere Opas <3