Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013

49 things in my room

Lately I was in the mood of recording a video. I knew that I never could do a video with me talking in it and I also wouldn't really have a topic to talk about ~ 'So what to do?', I asked myself when they idea popped into my head: let's do a 50  49 things in my room video!

I'm no pro with videos but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless (n_n)
I honestly don't know why the video appears so strangely wide on my blog. I tried an hour to fix it but it doesn't work T.T Please open it with youtube for better proportions (and if you know how to fix it please tell me :D)


So these are the 49 itmes without my room wouldn't be MY room ^^ 
If you like on of the items and want to now where it got it from please ask away ~ However many of these things I got either as a gift or kept them since my childhood :)

(I actually didn't even want to upload it on youtube but uploading straight from my PC didn't work. Why are videos such a pain to handle? >.< )

Which times do make your room YOUR room? 
Tell me in the comments!



  1. Das video ist total super geworden ^^ Deine Sachen sind alle sooo hübsch!!! *GD face mask haben will*