Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

Blouse haul :D

As promised I want to do a little review of the blouses I bought lately.

 I bought all six blouses on the German second hand community kleiderkreisel  from various sellers. I love how all of these are super loli-able and (except the mint one) they all were less than 15€ each. I think the whole amount I paid for this six blouses would be the amount one brand blouse would cost me. So this is a good tip for Lolita on a budget :D

The only short sleeved blouse I bought. It's from forever 21. I love the lace collar. Only downside of this blouse: the sleeves are too tight for me (wide upper arms and wide thighs lays in my family -.-) So I either have to lose weight or or add some elastics to the sleeves ~

Vintage blouse with sleeves in some kind of mid-length. It's so super comfy and I like the unusual colour :3

You have already seen this blouse in my gif lately :) It's forever 21 again. The collar is soo beautiful. It's my favourite blouse for everyday wear at the moment 



From all the blouses in this post, this one says 'Lolita' most to me. It has ruffles and a high collar. What else would I want? :D

This blouse was the most expensive. The brand is Giselle Rubinstein. It comes with a removable ribbon tie. The buttons are hidden. Sadly, it's a little baggy on me. I need to try a few combinations to see how it looks good on me :)

And last but not least, a H&M blouse. I love it  The material is so nice to wear and the colour gives energy!

So after I bought all these blouses I noticed I have to few bottom pieces (so in my case skirts xD) to match them. So you can imagine I'm currently working on a skirt haul xD

I hope I could put you in a blouse-y mood!
See you soon,



  1. Ich mag die F21-Blusen und die minte <3

    1. das hab ich erwartet, dass dir die minte gefällt ;D

  2. die sind alle wunderschön*-* mein favourite is die mintfarbene