Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

Innocent World Tea Party Vienna

Last Saturday was the great day - The Innocent Wold Tea Party took place in Vienna! It was the first Tea Party taking place in Austria, it was the first Innocent World Tea Party taking place overseas and for me, it was the first Tea Party I attended. 

Credit goes to M.E.Fotografie 
Can you see me?^^

At 8:00 am in the morning the day started for me. I made myself ready and traveled to Vienna. At the railstation I met up with Punkangel and we drove to the hotel were the event took place. I had a VIP ticket, so I was allowed to go in one hour earlier than my friends. Inside I met Miko and we decided to walk around together a bit.

We checked out the sales booths and at the beginning I didn't really know what to buy because I was so excited xD I ended up with an Innocent World fur collar, a indie brand dress and a brooch.
Finally the general entrance started and the hall began to fill with lots of gorgeous Lolitas  I never saw so many Lolitas in one place before and it was really a magical feeling *0*

Punkangel and I checked out the sales booths once more and the fashion show finally started. I recorded the fashion show with my camera for my friends youtube channel and hope to share it with you in the next post, so stay tuned :D My friend Medoly was part of the fashion show. All the models looked amazing *o*

After the fashion show we took some outfit pictures and tried the buffet. I sadly was rather un-photogenic that day but here is I pic I like :)

Bow - IW // Wig - Lockshop // Blouse - Infanta // Dress - IW //
Tights -  Ophanim// Shoes - Secret Shop

I actually was quite content with my outfit but when I saw how many of the other Lolitas decided to wear a bonnet I wished I had had that idea too. Well I'll keep that in mind for the next Tea Party xD

After the fashion show the band Lolita KompleX gave a short unplugged concert and than the Q&A, where Innocent World's designer Yumi Fujiwara answered our questions, took place. Fujiwara-san is such a cute person!  She is a bit shy but I think that's what makes her so lovely :D
We were allowed to take pictures with her:

After the Q&A the raffle and contest prices were awarded. Every raffle ticket was a winner and there were such cool prices! Not to forget to mention that every visitor received a goodie bag at the entrance. We got floated with cute items (and flyers! I love flyers! ♥ )

 I was also very happy to meet a Lolita of my area. I knew her for I saw her at the bus station sometimes but I didn't know she was into Lolita :D

She is so cute!   And Fujiwara-san chose her outfit as the winner of the best outfit contest. I was really happy for her 

After all the Tea Party had to come to an end. Personally I thought is was too short. I really enjoyed the program but I wish I had had a bit more time for talking to others and taking more photos ~
Medoly, Punkangel, Miko,Yu and me (and of course many other Lolitas I know) also visited the After Tea Party Party which was great fun.

I was super happy to be able to go to this Tea Party and I'm so proud of the organisation team for making it such a great event!