Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Aninite 2012

Hello my lovely readers :3

Yesterday, me and my friend Punkangel visited a convention in Vienna. It was my fisrt time at Aninite and I was impressed how many people were there.

We went there by train again and had the problem that the train we wanted to take was already full. So we had to wait half an hour on the station. We spent the time with talking ^0^

That´s what we looked like :3

The day at the con was great. We met a lot of the other Lolitas, took lots of pictures of cool cosplay, spent a lot of money and had a lot of fun.
Also quite many people took pictures of us. :3

Outfit Rundown:
Wig: bodyline
Headbow: offbrand
Blouse and JSK: taobao
Shoes: secret shop
Bag and Socks: taobao
I bough that Korilakkuma bag on the con.
I love it!
I also bought a bento box and some cute stickers.
Before we went home again we also had the chance to visit a workshop about decoden.
The workshop was by Momoko the owner of the Austrian brand "Sweet Ticket". I love her creations so I was happy to attend her workshop ^0^
I decorated some hairclips.

They are not perfect but I like them.
I also decorated a button but it didn´t turn out well and didn´t survive the way home^^
So that was most likely the last convention I visit this year and I´m already looking forward to the next year :3 And thanks a lot to Punkangel for the nice time. I hope we meet soon again ~
See you next time,
Yaya ~


  1. Ich finds soo schade das ich nicht mit konnte :(
    Aber ich freu mich das es dir gefallen hat!
    Nächstes Jahr komm ich bestimmt mit <3
    Haben die wigs von bodyline eigentlich ne gute Qualität?

    Du hast nich zufällig ein Autogramm von Yuna kagesaki mitgenommen, oder? XD

  2. ja, nächstes Jahr musst du mitkommen :)
    Ich kauf von bodyline nur die kurzen wigs um 10$. Die haben ne ganz gute Qualität

    Ich hätt dir gestern eine sms wegen dem Autogramm geschickt. Yuna Kagesaki scheint nur am Sonntag dort gewesen zu sein. Tut mir echt leid :(