Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

Everyday cuteness

Hello my lovelies,

Here are some ideas on how to add some cuteness to your everyday life. Enjoy ~

#1 Your mobile phone wallpaper.
Many of us check their mobile phone several times a day. If you install a cute wallpaper to the background you will be happy every time you check it.

#2 Your headphones.
Lately I saw this super cute headphones looking like cupcakes in a store. I didn ´t buy them because my old one´s are still working but if they ever break down I want some like this.

#3 Your mug.
As it is winter now many people tend to drink warm drinks. Why not adding some cuteness to your day with a nice mug?

#4 Your lip balm.
Honestly, there are so many cute looking, nice smelling lip balms out there. I especially like the look of those available at claires.

#5 Your bedroom.
There are some many ways to add some cuteness to your room. The most common is to just add some stuffed animals, or buy a kawaii bed sheet. Even if your room is small, like mine , you can always find some decor that will make your room lovely ~

This room is so dreamy <3

See you again,
Yaya <3

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