Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012

Crafternoon with Punkangel

Hello cuties 

I know I promised you a post about the lovely presents I got for Christmas this year but before that I have something else to share with you. Today me and Punkangel met up at my flat to do some crafty things. We sewed and made `decoden` stuff while chatting and listening to music. And as a plus we both wore our Mori Kei outfits.

My outfit:


With shoes

Derpy faces hidden xD

We actually had a Crafternoon before but I didn´t blog about it back than as I didn´t really make anything useful xD

What I crafted:

I made this candy bracelet. Here is a short tutorial for you:

Step #1 Sew the candy shape using this tutorial: 

Step #2 Make a chain using whatever thread and pearls you like.

Step #3 Add accessory if you want. You can glue or sew stuff on the candy ~
Then you are finished!

I also decorated a mirror: 

You can easily make this by using glue :3

I hope we can have such a lovely day soon again!
Make sure you also check out Punkangel´s blog for more pics =)

See you soon,


  1. Cool, so etwas müssen wir auch mal machen!!!!
    <3 <3 <3
    Die Mori Kei outfits sind super gelungen! :D