Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Yaya´s fashion crisis

Hello cuties. How are you?

I´m in a bit of a "fashion crisis" at the moment. Actually I have three problems:

  1. I don´t like my everyday style anymore. I don´t know why but I´m tired of how I dress everyday. I would like to do more J-fashion inspired outfits in future. However I don´t really want to wear Lolita to school because it simply attracts to much attention *sigh*
  2. I´m in love with the more toned down sub-stiles of Lolita lately. I love the look of Classic or Country Lolita but I also do not want to part with the cuteness of Sweet Lolita.
  3. I´m so in love with "mori-girl" lately. This fashion is just so cute and fairy-tale like and all *-* I love all the layers.
For those of you who do not know the mori fashion: "Mori" is Japanese and means forest or wood. People dressing in this style want to look like the would live in a forest. Therefore they use earthy colors, and layers are very important. 

So what will I do to solve these problems? I don´t know yet but maybe I will simply start to collect more elegant pieces and still keep collecting cute stuff. It´s not bad to have two faces when it comes to fashion, is it? 
Whatever will happen I will blog about it. So stay tuned <3

See you next time,
Yaya <3


  1. I think you can collect mori-stuff, sweet and classic pieces :) You don't have to stick to one style!

    1. Thanks for your support. <3
      It seems like most people do not stick to only one style so it should also be possible for me :)

  2. Mori-kei finde ich zurzeit auch toll, bin gerade am Sammeln ^.^

    1. Aww, wir müssen mal gemeinsam suchen gehen <3

  3. ich finde mori-kei auch total süß *v*
    bin übrigens auch aus österreich- in welcher stadt wohnst du? ^__^ hast du tipps in welchen geschäften es mori-kleidung gibt? :)

    1. hey, freut mich dich kennen zulernen. Ich bin aus Linz. Woher kommst du?
      Ich bin selbst noch eher unerfahren, wenns um Mori kei geht, aber ich denke du kannst fast überall was passendes finden. Am besten du suchst nach Sachen in erdigen Tönen, die man gut übereinander tragen kann. Viel Glück <3