Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

A Lolita's sister - A guide to Otome Kei

Hello dolls 

Lately, I'm interested in Otome kei. In this post I will try to create a little guide for you.

Otome kei is a Japanese street fashion that is quite hard to define. It's feminine and cute and mostly similar to Lolita with the difference that the skirt isn't that poofy.

This is one of my favourite Otome outfit pics. The outfits are sooo cute 

What's the difference between Otome and Lolita?

On tumblr, I found this graphic that sums it all up. The credit goes to the owner!

What's the difference between Otome and Casual Lolita?

Actually, there isn't much difference. Many Casual Lolita outfits can be rated as Otome and many Otome outfits as Casual Lolita. 
If it isn't sure if an outfit is Otome or Casual Lolita I would keep an eye on which brands are worn and if there is this certain "Otome feeling" to it.

This, for example, are cute Casual Lolita outfits but I wouldn't rate them as Otome. 

This, on the other hand, could be either Otome or Casual Lolita. 
As I said, it's hard to define what Otome kei really is. Sometimes you have to rely on your own idea about it ~

What's the difference between Otome and Gyaru?

I'm honestly not a pro when it comes to Gyaru but I believe Gyaru dresses and skirts can be shorter and the Otome hair and make up isn't that excessive.

What's the difference between Otome and Mori kei?

I would say the colours and the dress/skirt length. The used materials are also different.

Where to buy Otome clothes?

Emily Temple Cute and Axes Femme are only two examples of many Otome brands. 
Please check out this for more info :3

Hair for an Otome outfit?

For Otome you hair doesn't have to be super styled. Wear it open, buns, braids, anything you like!

Otome make-up?

Make-up doesn't have to be overdone. Keep it natural and cute.

Anything else?

While browsing Otome pictures I noticed a few items that are used often:

berets and hats
cookie patterns (as prints on dresses or cookie shaped bags ~)
patterned tights (also, it's ok to wear no leg-wear at all in an Otome outfit)
trousers, especially dungarees, are common with Otome kei.

What is your opinion on Otome kei?
Let's discuss in the comments!



  1. I think that was a good explanation and a nice choice of example pictures. :)