Samstag, 27. April 2013

Anklets, seashells and lighthouses - Love for maritime styles

Ahoi dolls 

It's super warm outside lately and the hot weather is a perfect chance to do beach, sea and sailor inspired outfits.

source                                                                                                                 source
For Lolitas maritime elements are best coordinated in Sailor Lolita. Common colours are white, black, navy and red. For more info on Sailor Lolita check out this

For 50s and vintage lovers something like this would be possible. 

If you like kawaii fashion but don't want to go for a Sailor Lolita outfit there are lots of cute Gyaru dresses available. What makes this dress marine like is mostly the collar and the stripes at the hem. 

Some general tips for doing an marine inspired outfit:
wear something striped
wear black, navy, white or red
nice maritime motives are anklets, seashells or lighthouses
be creative and have fun 

I found this cute idea for Sailor nails online. Aren't they adorable?

I'm also a fan of cute sailor hats but if one thinks that they are not appropriate for a daily outfit a headband can also give a nice touch to an maritime inspired outfit. 

What I also wanted to state (and what actually brought me to the idea for this post) is maritime inspired interior. 

Things like this ~

Or this ~

And things alike ~
One can find many cute marine interior in furniture shops or online.

Anybody of you who is in love with marine and sailor themed things?
Tell me in the comments!

See you again,


  1. Those first two photos are lovely :)

    1. I think so too. That's why I showed them :3

  2. ich steh voll auf sailor zeugs:3
    diese nägel sehn awesome aus*_*

    1. ja total *-*
      Dürfte mit den richtigen Materialien gar nicht so schwer zu machen sein :>

  3. Ich stehe auch total auf sailorthemed Outfits :o
    Das Wetter ist bei mir nur gerade alles andere als sommerlich, sonst hätte ich längst mal wieder was in dem Stil anziehen können.
    Ich mag die Fotos, die du zusammen gesucht hast, vor allem das Gyaru Kleid ist so süß, dass ich mich nicht mal für eine Farbvariante entscheiden kann <3

    Liebste Grüße <3

    1. danke ^///^
      das Wetter hier ist leider auch nicht besser :/