Freitag, 23. August 2013

Tagged again :D

I'm just taking a short break in all the London posts - I'm not finished yet!

Natz Schaf tagged me on her blog. Like last time I will translate the questions from German to English freely and I won't tag any new people.

1. Welche Gefühle verbindest du mit der Adventszeit und Weihnachten? Which feelings do you associate with Christmas and Advent? 
Generally very positive and warm feelings. I'm excited for Christmas every year^^

2. Würdest du dich in die Abwasserkanalisation einer Stadt begeben? Natürlich entsprechend ausgerüstet. Would you go into the canalization of a city if you had the right equipment
Rather not. I'm not sure what I should do there xD

3. Glaubst du daran, dass durch Politik/Wählen gehen etwas geändert werden kann? Do you think politics/ casting a vote can change something?
Well I know that not casting a vote will change nothing so there is a chance that doing so will change something  ~

4. Was ist dein Lieblingsname? What's your favourite name?
I don't really have a favourite name.

5. Glaubst du an Übersinnliches? Do you believe in supernatural phenomena?
Yes I do. I think there is more to this planet than we can see with our eyes ~

6. Welches Buch hast du zuletzt gelesen? Which was the last book you read?
I'm currently reading 'Jane Eyre'. 

7. Was hälst du von Leuten, die an Gott glauben bzw einer Glaubensrichtung angehören, und aus Überzeugung dahinter stehen? What do you think about people who believe in God or a certain religion and follow it by conviction?
If they think it's the right way for them why not? As long as the don't want to force others to follow their believes I'm perfectly fine with it. 

8. Wann warst du zuletzt stolz auf dich? When was the last time you were proud of yourself?
Today^^ I'm currently working part time and today my boss told me that she thinks that I'm doing my work fine :D

9. Tust du was "für die Umwelt"? Do you take actions to care for the environment?I do the usual things like separating waste, turning of devices and appliances when I don't need them anymore, saving water where possible and so one. I also go by public transport most of the time. I want to do more in the future though ~ I'm actually pretty concerned about the environment. 

10. Welche Ziele hast du für dein Leben? What are your goals for life?
I don't really have big goals for my life. I'm rather a person who has smaller goals for shorter periods. However I hope I can live a life were I can decide what I want to do and don't get too forced by the whole system we are living in. 

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