Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

50 things a Sweet Lifestyle Lolita needs

Hello everyone ~

Yesterday I remembered that quite a long time ago, I saw this post on I found this post very inspiring and thought, why not doing the same for Sweet Lolita only?

So here is my list about the 50 things every Sweet Lolita needs ~
Please mind that I have written this just for fun and do not even own all this things myself. Sp please don´t take it serious!

  1. a poofy petticoat
  2. a dream dress, either hanging in you closet or one to dream about
  3. a favourite hairstyle to wear with your outfits
  4. a big headeating bow
  5. a bag looking like a plushie
  6. a fashion idol , who always inspires you
  7. a favourite brand to hype about
  8. fake eyelashes for the doll- eyed look
  9. white eyeliner
  10. a wig for the days when your hair isn´t enough ^^
  11. lots of cute jewellery
  12. a photo editing programm to add sparkels to all your pictures
  13. a playlist with songs that remind you on Lolita
  14. a blog to share your knowledge about the fashion
  15. cute sleepwear so that you even look cute when you are sleeping
  16. stickers and rhinestones to decorate your face
  17. a cute nickname
  18. a standart explanation for when people ask what you are wearing
  19. a folder full with your favourite Lolita pics
  20. a room fitting a sweet Lolita
  21. a piece of brand, this can also be a pair of socks or a small bow
  22. an egl account, to buy stuff from the sales comm
  23. a story on how you found that style
  24. a favourite pose for photoshoots
  25. a favourite tea service to use for your daily tea time
  26. a decorated mobile phone, mp3 player, camera...
  27. a comfortable dress to wear at home
  28. a favourite Lolita artwork
  29. lots of cute stationary
  30. basic sewing skills to make yourself some headpieces and other smaller things
  31. a secret place that makes you feel even more Lolita
  32. a favourite baking recipie to impress your friends
  33. a cute diary
  34. a lovley wintercoat and boots
  35. a pair of circel lenses
  36. a favourite sanrio or san- x character
  37. a Lolita friend, online or in real life
  38. a perfume you like to wear with your clothes
  39. a collection of disney movies
  40. lots of plushies
  41. a cute ringtone for your mobile phone
  42. a pair of bloomers
  43. a make- up routine
  44. a copy of the book " Alice adventures in Wonderland"
  45. charms to decorate your mobile phone and your bags
  46. a tumblr blog to look at inspiring pictures all day
  47. a place where you can make daily outfit photos
  48. at least one GLB
  49. a Lolita Scrap Book to fill it with photos of meet- ups and other stuff that inspires you
  50. self confidence to wear that style and be who you are
Well that´s it. If anybody of you is going to write their own list I would love to read it.
See you next time,
Yaya ~

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