Montag, 13. August 2012

Mini Meet- up in Vienna

Hello everyone. I have been on a meet-up again. It was smaller than the last one with about 15 people. We had a lot of fun (^0^)

Me, Punkangel and her boyfriend went to Vienna by train. When we arrived we had some problems to find the place were the others waited for us, so we were late again. But we just arrived at the right time for taking some photos :3

This was my outfit. I wore a blonde wig for the fisrt time. I´m still not 100% sure if it fits me^^

This was our lovely group. I´m in the back row, right side.

After the photoshoot we went to a museum about music and than into a restaurant. There we spent the rest of the day with chatting :3

A little bonus pic of me and Punkangel glowing in the dark^^

I also got a very funny comment of a man when we walked to the train. He said something like "Are you Barbie Doll?" in a very strange accent.^^ Couldn´t stop laughing after he said that^^

See you soon again <3
Yaya ~


  1. Die wig steht dir total gut ^^
    Du bisd ne richtig süüße country lolita
    und ich finde auch das outfit von Punkangel
    echt cool!!
    Wo hast du den die wig her und wie viel hat sie ungefähr gekostet?

    1. Aww, danke <3
      Ich hab die Wig secodhand um 25€ gekauft. Ich glaub sie ist von lockshop :)

    2. Danke Chiyo^-^
      Ja, die Wig ist vom Lockshop ;)