Freitag, 24. August 2012

How to have a lovely Lolita face

Hello everyone ~

In my opinion, in Lolita fashion, it´s not only important to have a nice outfit, it´s also very important to have a nice looking face.
I want to share some ideas with you on how to have a doll-like face that will fit your doll-like clothes. So let´s start :3

  • Wash your face every day. Not only with water, I recommend to use a cleansing creme that will wash off the invisible dirt on your face.
  • Use moisturizer. That will keep you face from drying out.
  • Fight against your pimples. This is a hard thing. Especially if your younger it´s quite normal to have pimples. Here are some things that could help: eat less chocolate, do not touch your face, use a anti spot pen, live healthy in general.
  • Keep your eyebrows in shape. If you never tweezed your eyebrows before you could ask your hairdresser for help.
  • Shave your face. This might sound like a yoke but some girls do have a beard. That´s nothing to be ashamed for, just shave it away and nobody will notice.
  • Use a face mask more often. You could either mix one yourself or buy one. There are many diffrenet ones excisting for nearly every problem you could have with your skin.
  • Have a make up free day. This will give your skin time to recover. I personally try to have at least one day in a week where I do not wear any make up.
  • Live healthy. I want to make a post about that soon, so look forward to it ~
I hope this was of some help. If you have any further ideas please tell me in the comments!

See you,
Yaya ~

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