Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Tipps on how to make your clay creations cuter

Hello everyone <3

In this post I want to give you some tipps how you could make your clay creations cuter. I hope this inspires you ^o^

  • Use transparent varnish to make your work shiny
  • Decorate your clay pieces with rhinestones or small pearls ( always do this after the backing because the heat in the oven will melt the rhinestones)
  • Use glitter. To be honest I still didn´t figure out the best way to make Fimo glitter but if you like the look you could use glittery nail polish. Or you buy solid glitter and put it on the Fimo before baking.
  • Wash your hands before working with clay. I don´t know why I didn´t state that earlier but it´s important that you wash your hands before working with Fimo because if you do not the dirt on your hands will mix with the clay. I also recommend to do not use a towel and let your hands air dry.
  • Use pastel colourd clay. Or other colours that you normally see in sweet Lolita.
  • Take real things as your model. For example, if you want to make a lolli look at a picture of a real lolli at first. What do you see? The head of the lolli is big while the stick is thin. Try to get the proportions right.
  • Use molds. I always use molds for making cutlery. This it was molds usually look like:

 You can find molds for nearly everything. Check out etsy if you want to buy some.
  • Draw polka dots on the clay. Acrylic paint should work for that.
  • Details. For example do not only make a clay cake, make a clay cake with strawberries and cream on it.

That´s all I came up with. Just have fun and try different things out!

See you soon,
Yaya <3

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