Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge- Lolitas I would love to meet

Hello dolls 

I'm posting the challenge today as I won't be at home on Sunday. Me and three other girls will travel to Brussels to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live! I'm so excited already.!
Stay tuned for my blog post about it next week :D

But now back to the topic-Lolitas I would love to meet. Most Lolitas I want to meet are famous on tumblr. I would be so happy if I would meet at least on of them in real life :D

Princess Peachie

I imagine a meet with her to be total fun, as I just love Peachie's humour. 

Lovely Lor

Another humours Lolita..sadly she lives soo far away ~


I don't know if she counts as Lolita. She hardly wears the fashion anymore. Still I would love to meet her. 


It seems like Mio isn't into pastel fashion that much anymore but I still dream of meeting her someday^^

Princess Porcelain

Victoria Suzanne

Actually, I'm happy about every Lolita I meet as I like to get to know people who share the interest for the fashion. Are there Lolitas you would like to meet? Tell me in the comments!

See you again,


  1. I want to meet pastelbat too! I love her style so, so much inside and outside of lolita.

  2. Yay pastelbat <3
    You got nominated :*
    More here: