Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert et le week-end a Bruxelles

Hello dolls 

As you maybe know I and three friends were in Brussels this weekend. The concerts was great and we had so much fun in general. I have so many lovely pics to share with you so be ready for a spam xD

 Jassi, me, Snii and Duplica.  
I look kinda derpy xDD

We arrived at Friday night after an one and an half hour flight. It was my first flight and I have to thank Jassi for guiding me so well during it  :)

On Saturday we got up early because we wanted to do some sight-seeing. We decided to wear our concert outfits right away, as we weren't sure if we get back to the hotel before it.

My outfit...

...and my face ^0^

The centre of Brussels is so beautiful. They have lots of interesting shops and you can buy candy everywhere. I also liked the look of most buildings. 

Our outfits attracted quite some a attention and we got photographed like 1000 times xD

One of the funniest moments was when these guys all dressed in black came up to us, asking for a photo ^^

We found out they were on the way to a metal-festival. I actually expected troubles when they walked up to us but they were super nice!

We also got to know the mum of one of Kyary's background dancer.
She was such a cutie, showing us a video of her daughter dancing. 

Snii and I had the same idea for posing xD 

On the concert itself taking pictures was forbidden. Before the concert started we had the chance to buy some merchandising. I bought stickers and badges :3
Kyary started punctual. The structure of the concerts was fun. Between the songs she talked with us (sadly in Japanese ^^) and video clips were showed. I was so happy that she sang 'Cherry Bon Bon' as it is one of my favourite song of hers. Of course she also performed her well known songs like `PonPonPon' and 'Tsukematsukeru'  but also songs I didn't know yet.

The concert was over kinda early and we stayed at the bar and chatted with the people that were still around. After that my feet hurt so hard because I wasn't used to my shoes. So I was happy that we went back to the hotel. 

On Sunday we had some time before flying back so we visited the 'Atomium' , a famous building in Brussels. 

and here three additional pics I absolutely want to share with you:

studying the map is kawaii xD

me and Snii, her sweet-tooth is incredible *-*

And another pic of my outfit ~

For me it was an awesome weekend filled with lots of fun and new experiences. I hope we can go on holiday like this again someday ^0^

And I'm not sorry that this post is so long and picture heavy. 

That's it.
See you again!


  1. Eure Outfits sind alle so toll! *o*/
    Und Brüssel scheint auch echt schön zu sein. Wirklich hübsche Gebäude.

    1. Danke ^///^
      Die Innenstadt ist wirklich schön. Weiter draußen ist aber teilweise sehr dreckig ~

  2. viele schöne fotos:3
    omg ich glaub, wenn ich den ganzen tag mit solchen schuhen rumrennen würd, würdn meine füße auch ur weh tun XD