Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge- 5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style

Hello dolls 

Did you miss me this week? I'm sorry I couldn't update more but school is quite stressful at the moment.

So which keywords would fit my style? I came to this 5 words:

#1 cute
My closet is nearly entirely filled with Sweet Lolita pieces.

#2 strawberry
If you looked through the pictures of my closet post you surely noticed that nearly all my dresses feature strawberries. (that's why I keep matching my outfits with red^^)

#3 roses
I don't have any dresses with rose prints yet but I'm really in love with roses lately *-*

#4 pastel-rainbow
Because I love pastels ;)

#5 tights
I don't like the look of my knees so I either wear tights or thigh highs with my outfits lately.

Well do you have other suggestions how I could describe my style with only one word? Or which words would fit your style? Tell me in the comments!

See you soon,

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