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Lolita 52 Challenge- How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions

Hello my dolls 

It's Sunday again, so here is the next post of the challenge.

When you walk around the streets in Lolita you get in contact with many strangers. Sometimes they just stare at you, sometimes they will ask you what are doing and chat a little and sometimes they will talk to about you behind your back.

The majority of reactions I get on my style are super positive. People mostly tell me that I look good or ask me what I'm doing and so on ~
My reaction on this reactions are positive too. I try to answer questions as well as I can and always thank them for the compliments.

If people simply stare at me but do not talk to me there are three ways  I react depending on the situation

  • simply ignore it
  • stare back
  • or wave to them and grin ^^ 

If people talk about me behind my back I ignore them totally. I do not mind their opinion on my clothes because this is how I feel well.

In general I like how so many people want to know what I'm doing and talk to me and stuff but very seldom I also think it's annoying. Especially when I'm on my way home from Meet-ups or Cons I'm just too tired to explain everything again and again. In this case I give some short answers and tell them that I'm in a hurry or something alike.

Moreover, many people also want to take a photo with you. If I'm not in a hurry I always allow them to take photos with/off me. 
On Meet-ups we often get photographed without people asking us for permission. In this case we either take photos of the people photographing us or we tell them that they shall ask before next time. 

Most people believe that we are either a group of dancers, actors or models. 
Children always think that we are princesses.
It's also always nice to see that many people heard about the fashion in the media and come up to you to tell you. 

I never had a really bad experience when I was out in Lolita. If you stay friendly and take things with humour others will too.

How do people react to your clothes? Did you have any good/bad experiences you want to share?
Please do so in the comments!

See you,

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  1. dir is noch nie was negatives passiert in lolita? boah sei froh XD
    mir habn mal 2 dumme tussn gedroht, dass sie mich schlagen lol.
    angestarrt und hinterm rücken blöd geredet wird sowieso dauernd, was mich schon ziemlich stört..
    aber ich werd in normaler kleidung auch immer dumm angestarrt und angeredet..soviel unterschied is da nicht XD