Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Dipped in Inspiration #3

Hello dolls 

I decided to give the inspiration series of my blog a new name that matches the blogtitle better. So it's now officially called Dipped in Inspiration. (I wonder why I didn't think about that before but well)

The last few days I spent most of my time with maths with browsing for Ulzzang pictures.
Ulzzang is a Korean word and means "best face" or "good looking" or so ~

Here are my favourites:

A friend of mine said Ulzzangs look like 12 years old children xD 
I still think it's cute :3

I love buns so much lately <3

The Ulzzang fashion for girls is very feminine. It's a perfect cute- everyday- fashion.

of course boys can also be Ulzzang ~

If you want to be an Ulzzang yourself here are some tips based on what I know so far:

- Your face is most important for this look. It has to be flawless and evenly. BB cream is your friend.
- Female Ulzzangs have super long hair (I suppose a lot of them wear natural looking wigs). Buns and other easy hairstyles are also common. Use small fabric bows as accessory.
- Your lips should be pink or red. Gradient Lips are popular. I talked about them here
- Circle Lenses are common. Fake lashes shouldn't be too long. Many make-up tutorials on this style are available on youtube. 
- The fashion reminds on a mixture of Gyaru and Otome. Look for it in local stores (forever 21 especially) or on taobao. 
- If you take pictures of you Ulzzang coords choose a bright background. Edit with Photoshop or similar softwares if needed.
- Have fun!

Do you like Ulzzang? Or do you think it's too childish or unnatural?
Tell me in the comments!

Chu chu,


  1. Mir gefällt gut, und sieht doch eh total natürlich aus.
    Yay lange Haare ... ich bin grad extrem zwiegespalten ob ich meine noch länger wachsen lassen will, oder doch lieber wieder kürzer schneiden lassen soll... >.<

    1. ja ich mags auch :3
      Ich bin seit ich 14 bin dabei meine Haare wachsen zu lassen und sie wachsen sooo langsam :/ ich würd sie niemals wieder abschneiden ^^

  2. das erste bild is mir ein bissl zu viel geshopptxD aber sonst find ich den style sehr süß. finds eh ein bissl ähnlihc wie gyaru. die ganzen stile überschneiden sich eh irgendwieXD