Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Instagram photo-diary of the month: April

Hello dolls 

I thought it was time that to start to follow this blog trend.
In case you do not yet follow me on instagram my username is yaya_loves_sweets. I'm happy about every follower and every comment they might leave so don't be shy :>

The collar of one of my favourite dresses.

Ice cream shop in Vienna.

Macaroons I bought in Vienna. 

Cherry-blossom-tree in my area. 
I love to take photos of it every year.

A Fairy Kei inspired outfit I wore to school.

And a bun. As stated before I love, love, love buns lately!

I don't know if anybody of you noticed but my blog wasn't available last day. It got hijacked or something D: Luckily I was able to fix it. I just hope it won't happen again. Wasn't such a good experience ~

I'm sorry that i couldn't post any LALOAM this month. I'm quite busy with my final exams lately.

See you,


  1. dein outfit is voll süß<3 ich mag solche runden kragen btw auch voll gerne*-*