Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

~ Kawaii Backpacks ~

Hello dolls 

Today I want to share my latest love when it comes to bags -backpacks!

I know what you think, "how can something like a backpack be cute?" And let me tell you, there are tons of cute backpacks out there.

I bought my backpack at claire's. It's yellow and has roses printed on. I bought it during a sale, so it isn't in the onlineshop anymore. However, this striped one is also quite lovely. 

I found these cuties on wanelo.com. Click 'source' to visit the site where they can be bought. 

This one seems to be from an ebay shop. Again click 'source' to visit the shop. 

Advantages of backpacks compared to bags is that they offer more space and are healthier for your back when you carry them around. 
You can find a lovely backpack in jewellery and bag shops or on the Internet. Try to find them on pages like taobao or ebay. 

What's your opinion about backpacks?
Leave a comment to tell me 

See ya,


  1. Love them! *v*
    Wer denkt "how can something like a backpack be cute?" Rucksäcke können zu den niedlichsten Dingen der Welt gehören! <3
    Ich mag vor allem die, die aussehen wie Plüschtiere. ^w^

    1. Ja total :D
      Ich hatte als Kind immer einen der aussah wie ein Plüschtier- Hund. Schade, dass ich den nicht mehr hab ~