Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

My tights Wishlist

Hello dolls 

Some time ago I joined, a site where one can save products to a wishlist. The great advantage of the site is that every product is linked with the source where it can be bought.

I saved a lot of cute tights, I hope to buy one day, to my wishlist.

pictures from various sources found on
The credit goes to the owner!

I always prefer pale tights, as my whole wardrobe is rather pale. 
The only dark colour in my wardrobe is chocolate brown. ^^

I'm sorry I didn't post more this week. My inspiration is a bit low at the moment. 
But normally that doesn't last long. So look forward to the next post!

Until then,
have a good time,


  1. Ich mag die Heißluftballontights *O*

    1. ja ich mag das Motiv in letzter Zeit voll gerne :D

    2. Du machst nochmal ein Steampunkoutfit damit :D