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10 cute Shoujo Manga/Anime you should know

Hello cuties 
Actually I wanted to write a post about the Meet- up that took place in my area yesterday but I didn´t get all the pictures yet. So I decided to wait a bit and write about Manga today. So here is my list of 10 Shoujo Manga you should know ~

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is one of the best known Manga all over the world. For the 25th anniversary a new Anime was produced but it´s still not public when it should be aired (that´s what I´ve heared about it). Moreover a new edition of the Manga is available in the bookstores at the moment. I own seven of twelve volumes so far.

The main character of the story is Bunny who is a bit of a crybaby at the beginning. As the story goes on she and some other girls become the Sailor Senshi who defend the world from evil. It´s a dreamy but also exciting story ~

Tokyo Mew Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew was the firts Manga I ever bought and I still somehow love it. The story is about five girls that fuse with animals. With their new power they fight against aliens that want to overtake the world.
The main character is Ichigo, a pink cat girl :3

Shugo Chara

Shougo Chara tells the story of an introvert girl called Amu who wants to change her personality. Over night she gets three Shugo Charas that shall make her wish come true.
What makes this Manga different is that there is now team of girls fighting against evil but still it is a very magical story.

Magic Knight Rayearth

This Manga was released from 1993- 1996 so it´s kinda old. The story is about three girls who travel to another world. There they should try to turn into the so called Magic Knights that should protect this world from perish.
There is an Anime to the series but I really love the Manga because of the drawing style.

Kitchen Princess

Kitchen Princess is quite unknown because there is no Anime to it. I accidently came across it on a webpage and decided to read it.
The story is about a girl called Nijaka who has the absolute sense of taste. To find the boy she loves she switches school however finding him isn´t as easy as she thought.

Creami Mami

Creami Mami was released in 1983. It´s an Anime series and I think there is no Manga to it. To be honest I wasn´t able to watch it yet but I heard and read about it on tumblr quite often. 
Here is a summary of the plot I found on this page:  Creamy Mami is about a young girl, Yuu, who after seeing a spaceship is given the power to use magic for one year. She is also given 2 cats, Poji and Nega, to watch over and guide her. Using her magic powers to transform into the idol Creamy Mami, Yuu must work hard at acting, singing, helping her parents at their crepe shop, fighting aliens and bad guys, going toschool, plus try to get the affections of her childhood friend Toshio.

Card Captor Sakura

Card Captor Sakura is from the same Mangaka team as Magic Knight Rayearth (from CLAMP). Sakura, a ten year old girl, accidently releases the so called Glow Cards. Kero who was supposed to watch over the cards tells Sakura to collect the cards again so that they can not harm anyone.
I remember that when I was young the Anime was on TV and watche it sometimes.

Ojamajo DoReMi

Doremi was my favourite Anime when I was a kid. The story is about three girls (later four, five and than six) that turn into witches. To become full witches they have to pass test that are not that easy for them ~

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne

This series is from the well known Shoujo artist Arina Tanemura. The main character of the story is Marron Kusakabe who fights against demons. 

Fushigi yuugi

Fushigi yuugi is about two girls who travel into another world with the help of a book. In the book the two friends get enemies and a dramatic story beginns.

What I really love about Shoujo Manga is that they are so colorfull~
What do you think about this series? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Yaya ~

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