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5 kawaii- characters you should now ~

Hello cuties 

Here is another post full of cuteness and inspiration~
I want to write about characters form sanrio, san-x and so on. I hope you like it!

#1 Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

The first caharcter you should know is san-x´ Rilakkuma. He is a cute little bear. Korilak seems to be the japanese word for relaxing and kuma means bear. Next to Rilakkuma there is also a bear called Korilakkuma (ko means small). With them you also often see a little yellow bird called Kiirotori. 
I love these two because I´m really into bears lately and I hope to get my hand on more merchandising of this series 

Anyway, did you know that Korilakkuma is a girl? For me she will forever be male xDD

#2 Cinnamoroll

I really love Cinnamoroll <3 He was invented by Sanrio the company that is also responsible for Hello Kitty.
When I first saw him I actually thought he is a girl^^ But now I´m used to see him as a boy :3
I also thought he was a bunny but actually it´s a puppy! 

#3 Little Twin Stars

Little Twin Stars are to angel like characters. They were very popular in the 1980s. The one with the blue hair is called Kiki the pink one Lala.
I´m quite in love with this two lately and hope to get some more merchandising of them too!

#4 Sentimental Circus

San-x´ Sentimental Circus is a bunch of cute characters. The main chara is a bunny. Others are a lion, three cute birds, a bear, two monkeys and -one that I like very much- a blue elephant. 

I absolutely want such a plushi *-* He is called Mouton 

#5 My Melody

My Melody is a cute rabbit girl always wearing a pink or red hat over her ears. She is from Sanrio like Cinnamoroll. There is also a bunny wearing a black hat. He seems to be called Kuromi.

While looking around for this post I found a list of Sanrio´s characters on wikipedia. Check it out if you like:
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Until next time,
Yaya ~

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