Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Linzer Lolita Meet-up

Hello cuties 

As stated before there was a Meet-up taking place in my area last satuarday. For me it was a very special Meet- up because me and lovley Chiyo organized it. It was a smaller Meet but in my opinion it was so much fun <3
Attention this post is picture heavy!

At 2 o´clock pm we met in Linz. First we made a lot of photos. We visited an exhibition which was quite interesting and after that we went to a mongolian restaurant.

That was my outfit, I´m not 100% satisfied with it but it is ok :)

Our group, they are all so lovely 

A random shoot I somehow like it ^o^

 We also made some pics in pairs:

Me and Punkangel . We love to grin xD

Me and Chiyo

Me and Dani. I really love how this picture turned out :o

Me and Jassi

Of course I also took a photo with Amai but it didn´t turn out well :/

It really was a wonderful day for me. I hope I can see all of them soon agian.

Lots of love,


  1. *_* How many beautiful outfits!!!!!!!
    Yeah....Dani's superb <3 but you are really pretty too!!!!!!!


  2. You look so cute and other girls too of course! It looks you have fun :-)

    1. Thank you <3
      It really was a great day :)