Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

Apple Inspiration ~

Hello everyapple :D

Since I had to draw some apples for art class I got inspired by these fruits. I think they are super tasty and can be a good motive for an outfit. They also fit into autumn very well. So here is a little apple inspiration post for you ~

Had some ideas and made it into a collage :)
1,  It´s actuall quite hard to find Lolita clothing with apple prints. This skirt by Innocent World features severall fruits and even some apples. It´s called Nicholas Fruit and also avaiable as JSK and OP. You will have to search it second hand though, because it was released in 2009.
2, If you like taking a bath and like the sent of apples this bath bomb is perfect for you. You can find it here:
It´s a german site though ~
3, If you like to watch a show featuring apples you should totally try out "´My little Pony Friendship is Magic". It´s so cute, I love it <3
5, A apple themed JSK by "Metamorphose temps de fille". It´s called Apple JSK and was released back in 2007.
6, If you want to make some apples of clay youtube provides some nice tutorials. Try to search "clay apple" or "apple cane"
7, Anothe piece of jewellery I found on etsy. When I wanted to look for the direct link, I couldn´t find it anymore. I´m sorry :/
8, A transparent apple necklace I found on etsy again.
9, Candied apples. I never tried them but I think they must be delicious. You can search google for some recepies ~
As i said it is very hard to find apple themed Lolita pieces. If you know some I missed please tell me.
Maybe I will do such inspiration posts more often in future. I will see ~
Until next time,

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