Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Princess Day Inspiration ♥

Hi my cuties 

I think I once said that I want to write a post about Princess Day. But first, what is Princess Day?

I came across this idea on a Hime Gyaru blog some time ago and I think it also became popular in the Lolita scene. In fact it just means that you take a day for yourself and do waht you feel like. I like the idea because taking time for one-self is important. It is a way to improve the love for yourself and loving yourself will give you more self confidence :D

I now that everybody knows what they want to do on their Princess Day themselves but I want to write a little inspiration list on what you could do on such a day. Maybe someone will think it´s usefull ~

Activities you could do are:

  • sleep all day
  • take a long bath
  • go shopping
  • allow yourself to eat too much candy
  • go into a restaurant
  • take a walk
  • enjoy a relaxing massage
  • get a manicure
  • go to the hairdresser
  • wear your favourite clothes
  • stay inside all day
  • have a huge breakfast/dinner..
  • surf on the internet
  • bake, sew, craft
  • don´t do any work
There are surley thousands of other activities you could do. As I said this list is just meant for inspiration. Don´t limit yourself and do what you feel like. And most important, have fun!

Anyway I wanted to thank anybody who is following my blog. I´m happy if people enjoy what I write here :D

See you next time,

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