Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Country Lolita ~

Hello my lovely readers ~

Since summer I´m somehow in love with Country Lolita. Therefore I wanted to write a post about it~

Country Lolita is often stated as a part of Sweet Lolita but I´m of the opinion that it is more a mixture of Sweet and Classic. It is to classy to be Sweet Lolita but also to sweet to be Classic Lolita ^0^

Dresses for Country Lolita mostly feature fruits, flowers or gingham patterns. The most important things for this style however are the straw accesoirs. You can wear straw hats and carry straw baskets with you. Overall it looks like a you dressed up for a picnic or something ~
Lace gloves would also look nice for this style.

Sometimes brands release straw hats but if you dón´t want to wait for those you could also buy them offbrand. You could search etsy and eBay or look at the sales community.

For your legs I recommend to wear lace thights or socks in a single color that match your dress. Shoes can be more towards Sweet Lolita or towards Classic Lolita.

Make up shouldn´t be too much in my opinion. For hairtsyles braids would look good. If your hair islong enough you could also try looped braids. Check out this tutorial on how you can make them.
If you want to wear a wig with your Country Lolita you should pick a natural colors.

Most people accociate County Lolita with spring and summer but with the right accesoire I believe that it can fit in autumn and winter too. Feel free to experiment a bit and never forget to have fun ~

What´s your opinion on this style? How would you make it fit for autumn?
Tell me in the comments <3

See you soon,
Yaya ~

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