Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge- How I first found out about Lolita

Hello dolls 

Today I want to share the story how I found out about Lolita.

I think it was in March 2011 when I got tired of how I dressed back then. I wanted to google some clothes to find into a new style when I came across a picture of blue Tea Partys. 

I thought they were so cute so I clicked on the picture and found myself on a shopping site called "clobbaonline" (later I found out they only sell replicas^^). I looked trough the store for ages and got sad as I thought I would never have the self esteem to wear this fashion.
However, it didn't go out of my head, so I did further researches, started to follow blogs and looked through other shopping sites.
In June, so about three months later, I decided to buy my first outfit. I actually never had problems to wear Lolita in public because I feel well in it and learned to not care about what others think of it.

How did you find out about Lolita fashion? Share your story in the comments!

See you,

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