Freitag, 2. November 2012 review ~

Hello cuties 

Some time ago me and three other girls from Austria did a group order on I ordered two pairs of striped socks and a pair of ankle socks.

The shipping was quick however we had some problems because the package was delivered to the wrong door. But that wasn´t socksdreams fault.

These socks are labeled " thigh highs" and I have to say they are really long! My problem with these is that they are quite tight. Actually they would cover my whole legs but they are so tight that it kinda hurts. So I keep them just a little over my knees.
They only come in one size so if you do not have absolutely thin legs I´m not sure if I would recommend them.
The positive aspect about them is that they are really warm and cozy and that they come in a great varity of colours :)

These ankle socks fit me perfectly which surprised me because my actual size was sold out and I had to take them a little bigger. I choosed the size "extra large" which should fit people with size 40-41 and I´m a size 39.
However "extra large" seems to be sold out as well now...

Altogether I´m happy with the order. It´s just a pitty that the thigh highs do not fit so well. Maybe it gets better after I wore them more often :)

There is another thing I wanted to show you:

This cute panda contains a hand creme. It´s from Korea :)
Thanks to my friend Kerstin and her friend Wooyang for sending me this 

See you soon,

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