Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

10 people that inspire me

Hello cuties 

Today I want to write about some people that never fail to inspire me (and my lolita outfits).
Hope you have fun reading this ~

#1 Princess Peachie

I really love Peachie. She is super cute and friendly(she answers all the questions of her fans on her tumblr blog) I love her youtube videos and all her outfits 

#2 Emilia `Pastelbat´

Emilia is truly amazing. She posts pictures of her everyday outfits on her tumblr blog. She never fails to impress me *-* She hardly wears Lolita anymore but she wears many other japanese street styles ~

#3 Mio Pastelraindrops

Mio is more into Fairy Kei and Decora but also wears Lolita sometimes. I also love her for her incredible drawing skills! View her blog here.

#4 Princess Porcelain

Princess Porcelain mostly wears classic (and sometimes gothic Lolita) Looking at her pictures and reading her blog makes me want to be a classic Lolita sometimes. She simply always looks perfect. 

#5 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary isn´t Lolita either but she is my favourite japanese singer of all times. Her music is so cute and her outfits are so imaginative. I hope can see her live someday ~

#6 Rinrin

Rinrin models for Angelic Ptretty. Since I´m following her instagram I really love her :3

#7 Victoria Suzanne
I absolutely adore Victorai and her blog. She is my great blog- idol. Her posts are always interesting and she somehow manages to always use such dreamy pictures that fit the topic she writes about. 

#8 Little Miss Caro-chan

Another blogger I adore. Sadly I couldn´t find any pictures of her. Her blog was the first blog I ever read and reading it helped me when I started out as a Lolita. It will always have a certain place in my heart 

#9 Lady Gaga

Haha ok she has nothing to do with Lolita but I still wanted to mention her  ~
I love Lady Gaga´s music and I like how she always invents herself new. I know that quite many people hate her but for me she is an inspiration.

#10 Shelby

Last but not least I also really love Shelby. I discovered her through youtube but it seems like she is inactive there. I´m following her tumblr blog though ~

These are by far not all people who inspire me. There are so many lovely people that I couldn´t mention in this post. Maybe I will do a second part of this someday.

Who are you (fashion) idols? Tell me in the comments ~

See you soon,
Yaya ~

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