Sonntag, 25. November 2012

November´s LALOAM

Hello cuties 

A little late but still ~ I´m presenting you my Lolita At Least Once A Month of November.
I was a bit sad  because I couldn´t go to the Meet up taking place in Vienna today so I thought I should at least wear my Lolita at home.

I wanted to wear my new wig and my new socks.
That´s how it turned out :

I didn´t wear this dress since July so I was so excited to wear it again ^o^
I´m sorry that there is so much stuff in the background. I´m still looking for a good place to take pics in my room ~

I absolutely love this wig. It´s comfy, thick and long. And  in my opinion it also suits me 

I hope you like my outfit :)

Anyway, there is something else I want to tell you. I joined twitter. If you want to follow me please do so ~

I aslo added a wishlist to my blog. It´s more for myself but if you are curious just check it out!

See you soon,