Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Jewellery case painting tutorial ~

Hello cuties 

 I´m very excited to present you my very first tutorial 

Since ages I had this jewellery case and I never really liked the colour.

On a Gyaru blog I saw a tutorial on how to paint a bag with acrylic colours and I thought why shouldn´t that work for my jewellery case too?

If you want to follow the tutorial you will need:
Case you want to decorate
Acrylic colour

First I mixed some white and red colour to create a light pink.

Apply the colour to the case.

It is likely that you will need several coats of colour so that it turns out opaque.
I had to apply 4 coats. Always let the last coat dry before you add the next ~

After two coats I had this..

...and after 4 it looked like this :)
I added some white colour to the lock. 

The inside of the case is made out of a soft material so it isn´t possible to add acrylic colour to it..

So I only painted the drawers and the big space under the mirror.

After adding all the colour I decorated the mirror with some rhinestones

If you do that make sure the glue you use drys transparent. 
You put a little bit of the glue onto the mirror and set the stones into the glue. Just check that the tweezers do not get full of glue. 

The same way I also added some rhinestones to the drawers...

...and to the lock

And that´s all. I hope you liked the tutorial and found it helpfull :3
If anybody of you decides to desing their own jewellery case I would like to see it!

See you soon,


  1. Sieht süß aus! Ich hab auch so eine. Ist die Oberfläche falsches Leder? Ich hab angst, dass es abblättern könnte 0:

    1. danke!
      ich würds gerne sehen, wenns fertig ist. :)
      jap ist falsches Leder, dürfte also kein Problem sein :)

  2. Your case is so cute! You're really handy :-)