Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

Package from Gothis Lolita Wigs ~

Hello lovelies 

I just wanted to write a short post about my new wig I got in the mail today.

I ordered the pink Rhapsody wig from gothiclolitawigs. I´m very happy I got it because know the wig is sold out. However they restocked the other colours.

The wig came in a plastic bag. That´s very handy for restoreing it. They also send me a wig cap but actually 
it´s a sock. I think that´s quite funny x)

I absolutely needed this wig after I saw how good it looked on pastelbat. (I totally love this girl, she is one of my idols ) I just hope it looks as good on me as on her :)

The pink to white fade is super beautiful 

The waves are soft and very thick. I tried it on and it really felt like I had cotton candy or something on my head. It´s totally light ~

Moreover the wig is very long. I hope I can show some worn photos to you soon. 
I´m just a little stressed with school at the moment...

All in all I really love this wig and would absolutely recommend it 

See you next time,

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