Freitag, 30. November 2012

How to find off brand Lolita items in local stores

Hello cuties 

I know that quite many (starting) Lolitas have a problem with the pricing for the clothes. It´s an expensive fashion and to afford everything long times of saving up are needed.
However the good thing is you do not have to buy every single piece from brands. Sometimes you can easily find Loli-able items in local stores.
I want this post to be a little guide for those who haven´t much experience in buying Lolita offline.

Step #1
The first thing to do is more a mental step. For being able to shop for Lolita in "normal" stores you should know your style and your wardrobe. If you are a Sweet Lolita you will have to look for other items than a Gothic Lolita and so on. You also need to know witch items are missing in your wardrobe. Do you need socks? Head accessories? Bags?

Step #2 
As a second step you should find out which colors fit your wardrobe best. Whenever yous see an item in this color at a store take a closer look at it.
I, for example, do have mostly pastel colors in my wardrobe. If I see a pastel colored piece of clothing I just take a closer look. Sometimes you will only find stuff you do not need for your Lolita but sometimes you could be lucky ~

Step #3
Know the motives you like in your outfits. Besides the colors you can also buy after motives. Do you like sweet motives like strawberries or cupcakes? Or maybe more classic ones like birds or roses? If you know what you could match your outfits off brand shopping will be more easy.

Step #4
Know witch items you can find off brand. It´s not very likely that you will find a Loli-able dress in such stores very often (but it´s possible sometimes).
Items you find in stores more commonly are:

  • Socks, legwear
  • Jewelry
  • Head accessories
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Boleros, cardigans, jackets

Shopping like this really isn´t hard and it can fill your closet with necessary items. Keep patient and look through the stores from time to time ~

If you have any further questions about this just leave a comment-
See you again next time,


  1. Childrens' section in stores like H&M or Lindex (or Seppälä but I don't know if there are any Seppäläs abroads) are awesome places for sweet lolitas! Accessories are so cute, I have found so many cupcake and candy necklaces! And if you happen to be smallsized, some of the clothes there will maybe fit you.

    1. A very good point, I don´t know why I missed this.
      Thanks for sharing :)