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Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream Review ~

Hello cuties 

I recently recieved my fisrt BB cream and thought I will write a review about it ~

What is BB cream?
BB cream stands for blemish balm and is serum, moisturizer, primer and sunblock all in one. You can wear it as tinted moisturizer or wear powder or make up over it.
BB is quite popular in Asia and is also getting more popular in the west lately.

This is what it looks like ~

I didn´t have to buy mine online because a friend from Korea sent it to me. However you can find it here.

I choosed the colour #13 Milky Beige and I have to say the colour is very light. My skin is quite pale and it still feels like it is a little too light for me. The cream contains whitening which will make look your skin a little more pale than it actually is. It also prevents skin aging (maybe not necessary for me yet but who cares XD)  and contains UV protection.

When I add it to my face it first feels a little strange but after a few seconds the feeling is gone and it feels like I do not ware any make- up. I read a review saying that this BB feels cake-y after some hours but that didn´t happen to me so far.

The coverage, to be honest, did dissapoint me a little. It didn´t really hide my pimples. However this could be because the colour is so light.. At least it makes my skin tone nice and smoothed 

The cream also came with a free sample containing snail slime..I´m not 100% sure if I will use this though. The idea of adding snail slime to my skin terrifies me a bit^^
Did anyone of you ever try that?

To conclude, I would recommend to buy this BB cream but I recommend to check witch colour tone will fit your skin best.

If you have further questions please leave a comment ~
See you soon agian,

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