Samstag, 10. November 2012

Adding some Shoujo Manga aspects to your Lolita...

...without looking like a cosplay Lolita.

Hello cuties 
I sometimes feel like quite many Lolitas I know also seem to be Manga or Anime fans in some way. It´s hard to pair your Lolita clothes with your love for Manga because it can easily look odd.
In this post I want to give you some tipps on how to add some magical Shoujo magic to your Lolita.

First I want to mention the etsy shop "Starlightdecodream". The owner of the shop makes beautiful jewellery inspired from Shoujo Manga like Sailor Moon or Creamy Mami.

I think these became quite popular lately. Some of the items are a bit pricey but I still hope to get my hand on one of these necklaces some day. 
Wearing jeweller that features Magical Girl weapons is a easy way to add some magic to your coord ~

The next way to get some Shoujo into your Lolita  is to style your hair. If you have long hair or a long wig try some Sailor Moon pigtails. Simple pigtails, buns or braids are also cute :3

Moreover you could use Anime mascots as accesoiry. Many of these mascots are available as stuffed toys, key charms or even bags. :3

Some people maybe also like to wear cat ears or bear hats.
I think you can find these on eBay :3

Just make sure that it doesn´t look to much like cosplay and have fun to try out different things ~

Do you have any other idea how one can add some Shoujo aspects to Lolita? Tell me in the comments :)

Until next time, 

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